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Big Wins for DeSales Media Group at the Catholic Press Association Awards

Posted on Jul 1, 2019

2019 Gabriel Awards and CPA AwardsDeSales Media Group was honored with 50 awards at last week’s Catholic Press Association Conference, including a Gabriel Award for “Television Station of the Year” for NET-TV (New Evangelization Television).

Nuestra Voz was named the “Spanish Publication of the Year” and also earned seven additional first place awards in the categories of “Best Interview,” “Best Coverage-Pro Life Issues,” and “Best In-Depth Analysis.” Of the 20 awards won, the eight first-place awards are a record.

The Tablet received two first-place honors for “Best Reporting on Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life or Diaconate – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper,” and “Best Single Ad.” It also received four second-place honors including “Best News Writing on a National or International Event” for coverage of the U.S. Bishops’ visit to the Texas-Mexico border.

DeSales Media Group CEO Bill Maier was recognized with an All Member Award for “Advertising Business/Marketing Professional of the Year.” AdrianaRodriguez, DeSales’ Communications Director and Press Secretary, was honored with a first-place communication award for “Best Press Release,” highlighting the Brooklyn Diocesan volunteer efforts in Puerto Rico on a mission relief trip.

Catholic Press Association logo

“DeSales Media continues to be at the forefront of Catholic media production throughout this country. In print, on air, on the internet and social media, we are focused on delivering the ‘Good News’ in the best way possible. These awards belong to each and every member of the DeSales Media staff who strive day in and day out, to make us truly the best we can be,” said Monsignor Kieran Harrington, the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Vicar for Communications and the President and Chairman of DeSales Media Group.

The awards are given annually in recognition of excellence in Catholic media: television, print, marketing, business, and advertising.

Currents News can be seen weeknights at 7:00 p.m. on NET-TV (available on Channel 97 on Spectrum, Channel 30 on Optimum, and Channel 48 on Verizon Fios). Nuestra Voz is a Spanish-language Catholic monthly newspaper serving Brooklyn and Queens. The Tablet is the only weekly Catholic newspaper in New York City, serving Brooklyn and Queens since 1908.

A complete list of the DeSales wins, with links, is here.

DeSales Media Group’s 2019 Gabriel & Catholic Press Association Awards

Posted on Jul 1, 2019

DeSales Media and its properties received over 50 Catholic Press Association awards at this year’s Catholic Media Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Television Station of the Year

Narrative Series (Storytelling) – Spanish Language Television
Al Pan Pan Season 3, NET TV

Single News Story – Less than 60 Minutes
On the Block with Ed Wilkinson 

Special or Documentary – 60 minutes or Longer – Television
Ring of Faith


Advertising Business/Marketing Professional of the Year
William Maier
The Tablet, DeSales Media Group

Best Multimedia Package – Depiction of Religious Life
Answering the Call – Future Priest Profiles
The Tablet, Kathryn Engesser, Antonina Zielinska, Currents News

Best Website – Diocesan
Brooklyn Priests


Best Use of Video on Social Media
Christmas 2018
Dave Plisky, Randy Schwab, Len Camporeale

Best Use of Social Media for Breaking News
Cardinal Dolan Press Conference
The Tablet, Liz Faublas, Michelle Powers, Matthew O’Connor, Currents News

Best Freestanding Presentation of Online Video – Feature
Rest in Peace Baisy Apostol
The Tablet, Liz Faublas, Kathryn Engesser, Melissa Enaje, Currents News

Best Multimedia Package – News
Life at the Border, Parishioners Fear Immigration Realities
The Tablet, Jorge I. Domínguez-López, Tim Harfmann, Currents News

Best Use of Live Video in Social Media
Live from Dublin: The Challenge of Pope Francis to the Church in Ireland
Michelle Powers

Best Press Release
Diocese of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Diocese Volunteer Group, “Catholics Care” Heading to Puerto Rico on a Mission Relief Trip
Adriana Rodriguez

Best Diocesan Appeal – Fundraising
2018 Annual Catholic Appeal – Diocese of Brooklyn
John Heyer II, Theresia Nurtanio, Israel Ochoa, Elimelec Soriano

Best New Website
Diocese of Brooklyn, Diocesan High School Fair
Dave Plisky, Len Camporeale, Israel Ochoa

Best Single Ad Originating with the Publication – Online Ad
Currents News, Watch Us at Our New Time
Israel Ochoa

Best Reporting on Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life or Diaconate – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More
The Tablet, Paying Down Debts Before Saying ‘Yes’
Melissa Enaje

Best Print Circulation Promotion Campaign
Support The Tablet, Celebrating 110 Years
William Maier, Dave Plisky, Israel Ochoa, Theresia Nurtanio, Ed Wilkinson

Best Example of Effective Advertising Promotion Originating with the Publication or Publication’s Website
Wedding Guide 2018
JoAnn DiNapoli, Kimberly Bee, Kerry Burke, Israel Ochoa, Theresia Nurtanio

Best Regular Column – Scripture
Sunday’s Scripture
Fr. Jean-Pierre Ruiz

Best News Writing on National or International Event – National Event, Diocesan Newspaper
The Tablet, US Bishops Visit Texas-Mexico Border
Jorge I. Domínguez-López-Lopez

Best Editorial on a National or International Issue – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More
The Tablet – Can We Have a Rational Discussion About Immigration?
Ed Wilkinson

Best Editorial Page or Section – Diocesan Newspaper
The Tablet
Editorial Staff

Best News Writing on a Local or Regional Event – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More
The Tablet, Brooklynites Rally Against Nation’s Policy at the Border
Melissa Enaje

Best Personality Profile – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More
The Tablet: Her Name Was Caroline
Fr. Christopher Heanue

Best Ad Copywriting
The Tablet: Brooklyn Priests – Men’s Vocation Retreat
Israel Ochoa, Fr. Sean Suckiel

Best Special Supplement or Special Issue with Advertising Emphasis
The Tablet, Gift Guide 2018
JoAnn Dinapoli, Kimberly Benn, Kimberly Benn, Kerry Burke, Israel Ochoa, Editorial staff
Best Editorial on a National or International Issue – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More

The Tablet: Culture of Death
Fr. John Cush

Best News Writing on National or International Event – National Event, Diocesan Newspaper
The Tablet: Encuentro: A New Era for the Church in America
Jorge I. Domínguez-López-Lopez, Melissa Enaje

Best Reporting on Vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life or Diaconate – Weekly Diocesan Newspaper, Circulation 25,001 or More
The Tablet: Seminarians’ Call to Duty Prepares for Priesthood
Melissa Enaje

Spanish Publication of the Year
Nuestra Voz
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio (Publisher), Msgr. Kieran Harrington (Publisher), Vito Formica (Executive Director of News Content), Jorge I. Domínguez-López (Editor-in-Chief), Joaquin Badajoz (Deputy Editor), Israel Ochoa (Art Director)

Best Coverage – Pro-Life Issues
Nuestra Voz, Marcha por la Vida en Washington; ¡Viva la Vida!; Hermanas de la Vida: en Defensa de los Que Aún No Tienen Voz
Christopher White, Jorge I. Domínguez-López, Marietha Gongora

Best Coverage – Violence in Our Communities
Nuestra Voz, Los Límites Del Espanto; Indignación y Dolor Nacional, La Crónica de Otra Masacre Escolar; ¿Amarnos o Armarnos?
Jorge I. Domínguez-López, Nancy Agosto, Cruz-Teresa Rosero

Best Essay Reflecting on Faith Formation
Nuestra Voz, Derecho y vida: ¿Pueden Casarse los Primos Hermanos?; Los Padrinos y El Pecado Del “Habriaqueísmo;” El Problema de la Pena de Laicización y Excomunión
Msgr. Jonas Achacoso, JCD

Best In-Depth Analysis
Nuestra Voz, Gaudete Et Exultate: El Papa Habla Sobre el Demonio
Jorge I. Domínguez-López

Best Interview
Nuestra Voz, 9/11/2001: La Fecha Que Nadie Olvida
Marietha Gongora

Best Regular Column – Feature Story
Nuestra Voz, Emprendedores
Marietha Gongora

Best Regular Column – Best News Writing- National/International Event
Nuestra Voz, 4,645: La Cifra Símbolo Del Olvido en la Isla del Encanto, La Verdadera Hora Cero de Los Latinos en La Era Trump, Ventarrones en la Casa Blanca
Nancy Agosto

Best Regular Column – Scripture and Spiritual Life
Nuestra Voz, Mi resolución es Permanecer; De Repente Todo Cambia; Cuando Dios Empuja
David Bisono

Best Coverage – Papal Trips
Nuestra Voz, El Papa Francisco Visita Chile y Perú
Mario Paredes, Darío López Capera, Jose Antonio Varela Vidal

Best Regular Column – Feature Story
Nuestra Voz, Ofrendas Votivas: Un Puente Material Entre Lo Humano y Lo Trascendente
Joaquin Badajoz

Best Parish Profile
Nuestra Voz, San Benito José Labre: Donde Reinan la Caridad y la Buena Voluntad
Marietha Gongora

Best Reporting – On Latin America
Nuestra Voz, Venezuela: Cada Vez Más Aislada y los Problemas en Fase Aguda; los Gestos de Papa Francisco Con Venezuela; El Régimen de Maduro Acentúa la Represión
Macky Arenas

Hot Topic – Best coverage on the Sexual Abuse Crisis
Nuestra Voz, ¿Una Crisis Sin Fin?; Saltan a la Prensa Tensiones Internas de la Iglesia Chilena; Lecciones de la Crisis Chilena
Jorge I. Domínguez-López

Best Photo Story
Nuestra Voz, Así se Vivió la Semana Santa en la Diócesis de Brooklyn
Jorge I. Domínguez-López, Melissa Enaje, Ed Wilkinson, Marie Elena Giossi

Best coverage of Canonizations
Nuestra Voz, Monseñor Romero: Hacia los Altares; Pablo VI, Un Santo de Nuestros Tiempos; Sobre San Romero, San Pablo VI y La Sorprendente Afinidad de Ambos Por El Opus Dei; San Oscar Romero: Un Santo Radical
Jorge I. Domínguez-López, Jose Antonio Varela Vidal, John L. Allen, Jr.

Best Editorial Page
Nuestra Voz, Tres Años Después: Otra Ciudad, Otro Taxista; ¿Que Nos Queda Por Aprender?; San Oscar Romero: Un Santo Radical
Jorge I. Domínguez-López

Best Personality Profile
Nuestra Voz, La Disciplina Sacerdotal… y la de las Artes Marciales
Darío López Capera

Best Regular Column – General Commentary
Nuestra Voz, Historia se Escribe con H de Humor
Enrique del Risco (Enrisco)

Best Multiple Picture Package
Nuestra Voz, La Devoción a la Morenita del Tepeyac
Jorge I. Domínguez-López

Live Coverage of World Youth Day

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

For World Youth Day, NET TV’s Currents NewsThe Tablet, and Nuestra Voz teamed up to produce four days of live coverage of the events in Panama.

You can relive the conversation at #DOBWYD.

DeSales and CTN Team Up to Distribute iPads Across Diocese

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

CTN iPad programCTN supports great learning experiences that challenge students via the use of personal technology.

Through the DeSales iPad Grant, CTN has delivered more than 5,000 iPads, chargers, keyboard cases, and more to students and teachers in the Diocese of Brooklyn by working closely with the DeSales IT department and CTN’s tech partner, Sprint.

Professional development and technology support are the cornerstones of CTN services to teachers.

CTN’s work has also expanded to include iPads for religious education directors at diocesan parishes, giving them the mobile technology needed to connect easily with diocesan administration, catechists, and parents.

Look for even more opportunities this year as DeSales explores the ability to offer Chromebooks to students. For more information on these programs, send an email to

Video: Are You Ready for Christmas?

Posted on Jan 11, 2019

For Christmas 2018, DeSales Media teamed up with I M Beggar to produce a video for the Diocese of Brooklyn and all New York State dioceses. The video encourages young people who may not have been considering attending church at Christmas to come and find peace at Mass.

DeSales Supports High Schools With Website and Social Campaign

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Catholic high schools mobile screenshotDeSales Media Group launched a mobile-first website and ran a social media campaign to drive attendance to the Catholic High Schools Expo and to diocesan-wide open houses for all of the Catholic high schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

The Expo, held at St. John’s University and St. Francis College in September, gave prospective parents and students the chance to learn about all 18 Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn. The website featured interactive graphics, video testimonials from alumni, and online ticketing.

DeSales also ran organic social promotions and ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google to raise awareness of the open houses and drive sign-ups through the website.

Go to

Meet Me In Church

Posted on May 7, 2018

Meet Me in Church is open to all diocesan organizations. This website serves as an open invitation to reconnect and re-engage with the Church and your community.

You can promote your parish, school, or diocesan event by going to and filling out the event information.