Solutions for Bishops, vicars, secretaries, directors, and other diocesan leadership

You are the Bishop of your (arch)diocese–or one of his faithful attendants–and you are a change maker. You are proud of the work the Church does in your region, and you see the possibilities for evangelizing the faithful at every corner. Us too.

Located in the Diocese of Brooklyn, DeSales Media has done myriad work across the Diocese:

The Chair

DeSales Media is currently traveling to (arch)dioceses around the country to shoot full-length episodes of The Chair. This is a new project that explores the past, present and future of the Catholic Church through the eyes of its Bishop and his Cathedral. We would love to feature your bishop next, with the end result an episode of the show as well as top-quality video, press, and marketing materials at your disposal, free of charge.

Catholic Gatherings

Engaging Catholics to put their faith in action is a critical part of any diocese's mission. How do you engage the faithful in events happening around the diocese? DeSales built Catholic Gatherings for the Diocese of Brooklyn to showcase all the ways parishioners can get even more involved in their faith, and not just at their home parish.

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