Solutions for Bishops, vicars, secretaries, directors, and other diocesan leadership

You are the Bishop of your diocese – or you work with him – and you are a change-maker. You are proud of the work the Church does in your region, and you see the possibilities for evangelizing the faithful at every corner. Us too.

Let us introduce you to a few of the offerings from DeSales Media, located in the Diocese of Brooklyn, that can help you better connect with the faithful in your region.

Tilma Parish

DeSales Tech is a proud partner of Tilma Parish, a ministry platform designed specifically for the Catholic Church by Glass Canvas. This holistic platform is a suite of digital tools and services that will move your diocese and parishes from maintenance to mission.

Digital Ministry Services

Bringing new websites to your parishes is exciting, but it comes with responsibility. While Tilma has been created to be easy and quick to update for anyone, we also understand that not every parish is blessed to have a reliable digital minister. If that’s the case for some of your parishes, let us help.

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