Tilma Schools

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For years, DeSales Media has been a dedicated digital partner to the Catholic academies and schools of Brooklyn and Queens. Now we are offering our services to Catholic educators across the country.

When we set out to create our network of academy websites, the Diocese of Brooklyn was facing a common problem. Each school’s site was built in a vacuum, which resulted in a jumble of designs, platforms and hosting solutions. There was no continuity, little quality control, and no diocesan-wide structure to help schools establish a professional digital presence.

With the introduction of Tilma Schools, DeSales has brought beautiful design and cutting-edge technology to our diocesan academies. We would love the chance to do the same for you. Read More

Serving the Catholic Youth of Brooklyn and Queens, the mission of youth ministry is to transform the youth from disciple to apostle. As an apostle, the Youth are to be active participants in fulfilling the mission of their parish and building up the Kingdom of God in Brooklyn and Queens.

They are called to empower young people by being members of the Church, participate in the life mission, and work of the Catholic faith community and form and develop young people into leaders of today and tomorrow.

The 2022/23 BlueBook is the most up-to-date, definitive guide to the departments and personnel dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Centre — including the recent parish and department assignment changes. And it’s digital! Having access to the most recent updates and current information has never been easier!

The Marketing & Development Resource Center is designed to provide all the digital and traditional marketing content schools require to drive student enrollment and retention; parent engagement, and community and alumni support.

It supplies additional resources such as advice on constructing events, online support in showing webinars, accessing fundraising techniques for scholarships, and more.

Ever since the Diocese of Brooklyn was founded in 1853, it has been a Diocese for immigrants. To commemorate this, our Diocese was grateful to receive and display “Angels Unawares,” a sculpture by Tim Schmalz from December 8th until January 3rd. This correlated with our annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and they debuted together at Grand Army Plaza on December 8th. In addition to sharing this event virtually, we encouraged people to safely visit and share their immigrant story online with us on Facebook.

This public portfolio of stories on employees throughout our organization organically showcases our mission, commitment to our people, company culture, the work we do, and the impact of that work. Some of our stories:

Posts across the Diocese of Brooklyn, NET TV, and DeSales Media Group social media accounts throughout the month of November, shared our #AllSouls campaign: where we commemorated the souls of our faithful departed all throughout the month of November 2020 on NET TV.

The Tablet’s COVID Relief Fundraiser invited students from elementary schools to join a contest where they helped sell The Tablet subscriptions to help raise funds for their schools while earning money for themselves in the process.

During this difficult time in our Diocese, The Tablet and DeSales Media are committed to covering all the local news about your schools and parishes that you can’t get anywhere else.

This week, we focus special attention on the protection of human life from conception to natural death.  To provide an opportunity to pray together, continue to learn about this important issue, and support mothers in need, in a safe way, using organized events and resources such as streaming local and national Pro-Life programming on NET TV.

To execute this successful campaign for maximum reach during the Witness To Life event to lead a prayer for the unborn, was to develop an informative landing page at, trackable digital ads, print ad support, and a strong social presence.