The Lenten Pilgrimage 2023


This year, the Diocese of Brooklyn launched their first ever Diocesan Lenten Pilgrimage. Over the course of 40 days of Lent in preparation for Easter, people were invited to participate in a daily pilgrimage to 42 churches within Brooklyn and Queens for Eucharistic Adoration.


Banners, passports, and certificates were designed by our creative team. Pilgrims were given passports so they could be stamped by the parish to record their journey. A banner with QR code was displayed upon entering the stationed parish so pilgrims could scan with their devices, and check in to the location. After the journey, they would provide proof of visiting at least 20 parishes to receive a certificate of recognition.


On the diocesan website, we created a landing page where people could find the specific church hosting the pilgrimage for that day, as well as its location, and schedule.

As part of our Marketing efforts to promote the Diocesan Lenten Pilgrimage, we advertised in The Tablet newspaper, on our social platforms, and through sending weekly emails.

The homepage of the diocesan website was updated daily with images and information about the station church of the day.

Based on a survey provided by our team to participants, pilgrims had a positive experience and look forward to participating in the journey next year. They described it as unique, special, prayerful, enriching, spiritual, holy, and quite rewarding.

Catholic Schools Week was held on January 29th to February 4, 2023. As a way of promoting this exciting time, we showcased the theme “Ignite the Catholic Imagination” through creative marketing efforts.

Our innovative advertisements were filled of whimsical children set on discovery and learning. They called to action learning more about what makes Catholic schools a great educational option as well as providing an opportunity for registration.

We ran full page ads in our annual Catholic Schools Week special issue of The Tablet newspaper and shared our Marketing efforts to the Office of Catholic Schools to promote on their Facebook page.


An initiative run by The Tablet newspaper where donations are raised to make Christmas a more joyous time for children in need.

The campaign raised $119,848.71.

The goal for this initiative is to ignite the imagination of a child.

With the discovery of Catholic Schools is the discovery of Catholic Education, forming children in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Faith is fully integrated into all programs and curriculum in a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment.

We used this anniversary as a way to celebrate the history of the Cathedral, educating people about our faith, provide opportunities for them to engage more deeply in their faith, encourage visitors to the cathedral.

Our marketing initiatives included airing a documentary on NET TV about the Cathedral Basilica of St. James, promoting the anniversary mass with invitations, through Big City Catholics podcast and with web/print advertisements.

In support of the ongoing Synod process, the Diocese of Brooklyn wanted to ensure that we reach the margins of our Diocese and opinions are included, even those not currently engaged in their parish life.

This six week program of prayer, reflection and response to the key Synod questions enabled us to gather feedback from those who took the survey.

Our goal was to have the parishioners of our Diocese register to take part of a survey to share their perspective so that we can build the future of our Church.

The goal of this campaign is to invite the Diocese to sign up and become a member of The Tablet Catholic News platforms.

This helps ensure the continuation, creation and distribution of content from the Catholic perspective that informs and enriches the lives of people in Brooklyn and Queens. With membership comes exclusive access to diocesan events, members-only content, networking gathering, and recognition for support.

Each Friday, a new episode of “Big City Catholics” podcast, hosted by Bishop Robert J. Brennan, Bishop of Brooklyn and Reverend Christopher R. Heanue, becomes available.

The weekly conversations allow the listener to be a part of the exploration of our faith that impacts their everyday life as a parent, a friend, and a professional.

United By Christmas was an Advent 2022 initiative which was a way to remind people to focus on the universality of God’s gift of Jesus to all mankind.

Through following the daily Advent calendar on a four-week Advent journey based on hope, peace, love, and joy, we reflected, prayed and did good unto others.

The site also promoted the importance of Reconciliation Monday, an annual event which through the sacrament of Reconciliation, prepared our hearts for Christmas.

Our goal was to engage current Catholics to join us on this Advent journey, encourage them in their faith, and create digestible emails and share with others to spread the true meaning of Christmas.