Shelter in the City Documentary

DeSales Media’s Shelter in the City, was nominated for an Emmy® Award in the ‘Societal Concerns’ category at the 60th New York Emmy Awards. The film was produced by Terence Donnellan and Craig Tubiolo, and written and directed by Donnellan.

Shelter in the City is a documentary about homelessness. For almost two years, Ken Murray Sr. has been trying to get his mentally ill son, Ken Murray Jr., off the streets of New York City, where there are almost 60,000 homeless men, women, and children.

Shelter in the City
had its world premiere at the Vail Film Festival on April 7, 2016, and was screened on October 6 and October 7 at the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival 2016.

The documentary film is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Vudu.

The Syrian Civil War has created one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the last 60 years. President Trump’s banning of Syrian refugees has caused protests and outrage around the world. Should the United States allow refugees into our country? Or should we do even more to protect our borders?

Refugees: Enemies or Victims? is a NY Emmy-award nominated documentary that investigates the very important question of whether or not the United States is doing enough to uphold its long tradition of helping those in need.

The film was produced, directed, and written by Terence Donnellan of DeSales Media.

Futures in Education is the scholarship foundation for the Diocese of Brooklyn. DeSales Media is a strong believer in giving our children the foundation they need to succeed spiritually, mentally, and physically. DeSales has worked with this area of the development office to create the Futures logo and branding, provide strategic marketing direction, create and maintain their website, and more.

Every year, Futures in Education must make its appeal to donors to make sure they have adequate funding, that as many children as possible might receive well-deserved funding for Catholic education. Here is the video that DeSales created to help make Futures’ efforts better understood and attended to:

Silver Shield Foundation is a partner of ours who regularly advertises in our newspapers. They asked for a video to be produced to show all the work that they do when Police Officers & Fire Fighters are killed in the line of Duty. DeSales produced the following video, which was shown in a special pre-game ceremony at Yankee Stadium:

This production won us the Catholic Media Association’s Gold Communicator award. Our Director of External Affairs, Vincent LeVien, is a trustee on the board of the Silver Shield Foundation. The video was produced and directed by Craig Tubiolo, our Director of Production and Programming.

For more information about all the great work Silver Shield Foundation does, visit

When the Evangelization Scholarship was first launched in the Diocese of Brooklyn, it didn’t get as much traction as it could have. It is one of five scholarships that Futures in Education provides for children with financial need, to allow them to attend Catholic primary school affordably. Specifically, it allows underprivileged children who are enrolled in a CCD program to transfer to a Catholic school at a fraction of the cost.

Being as this was a cross-disciplinary effort, DeSales Media worked with Catholic Foundation (the development office), the Superintendent of Schools, and the Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis (faith formation office) to understand the challenges involved. It seemed that some of the biggest hurdles to a would-be recipient family are the ideas that Catholic school is too expensive or too far away from home.

To increase applications for scholarships, DeSales launched a search and display media campaign, targeting families searching (and browsing) both for Catholic primary schools and private primary schools in NYC. The creative was bright and featured a diverse range of kids, both to reflect the diversity found in Brooklyn and Queens, and so that we had plenty of data to measure exactly what combination of art and copy worked best.

The ads clicked through to two versions of the landing page:

The campaign was a success and led to a huge uptick in the number of scholarship applications received. You can still visit the landing pages today here and here.

Almost every school, parish, and organization we work with has a social media presence, but few are able to invest the time to manage the lifecycle of an effective social media campaign to deliver the results they are seeking.

Our social media campaigns are focused on clear objectives. We test creative, target key audiences, and measure results to ensure we optimize campaigns cost effectively.

Whether it’s a newspaper subscription campaign, driving donations, promoting events, or simply raising awareness, our digital campaigns deliver results.

Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens faced the challenge of communicating with multiple audiences, each with different needs, across multiple platforms. In addition to providing a place where people in need, donors, volunteers, and advocates can all come engage with CCBQ, they also needed to provide access to over 160 different programs.

Our solution was a mobile-first website that allows visitors to easily navigate through a variety of services based on their needs, making it easy for donors to support CCBQ and clients to get help.

Through the use of Google Tag Manager, we monitor the performance of the site, routinely looking for frustration points where customers leave the site, in order to improve the customer experience.

Visit to see how you might help a person in need in Brooklyn or Queens.

The Catholic academies of Brooklyn and Queens exemplify excellence in education, but that is a difficult story to position in secular media news outlets.

Our Press Secretary knows how news stories work, having worked on that side of the business for 25 years. Each newscast needs a kicker (feature) segment at the end, and we positioned it perfectly for that. It ended up airing on New York 1, and we also secured coverage on “Queens students sweep top prizes in Diocese of Brooklyn’s annual public speaking contest.”

student and teacher at public speaking competition

Emmy-nominated Ring of Faith is a DeSales Studios documentary that explores the role of religion among boxers. But an interesting topic and an Emmy nomination aren’t always enough to generate buzz.

You have a shiny, new thing. It’s unique, it’s upbeat, it has local and wider interest, you have those involved ready to be interviewed, and you’ve got great video and photos of it. So, what do you do? You write a press release, in hopes of getting a response and ultimately media coverage. But nothing happens. What next?

Realizing that feature stories like this are evergreen, we started leveraging our contacts in the news business. And it simply becomes the art of the follow-up. Our tenacity paid off, and we were rewarded with great coverage on New York 1.

screenshots of Ring of Faith