Catholic Intentional Discipleship in the US

Catholic Intentional Discipleship Study cover
Catholic Intentional Discipleship Study cover

In 2021, DeSales Media conducted a study with Vinea Research on Catholic intentional disciples in the US. The purpose of the study was to discover the unmet needs of Catholics who are serious about following Jesus Christ. (Fill out the form below to get free access to the report.)

We believe that serving these people well is one key to unlocking the kingdom of God on Earth. By asking questions about their faith life, evangelization, spiritual direction, community, and technology, we sought to put quantitative data behind our ministry and decisions instead of relying on ideas or hunches.

Through partnership with more than 20 organizations, we were able to reach 3,137 Catholics who we are confident have a deep relationship with the Lord and are true followers of Christ. Sometimes their answers were expected, and sometimes they were surprising.

For instance:

  • More than two-thirds of respondents pray every day
  • Almost all respondents use both physical and digital aids in living out their faith
  • More than three-quarters are interested in developing evangelization skills
  • Nearly half have never received spiritual direction
  • More than half do not go on retreat, but that same number admit to a need for growth in that area of their spiritual lives
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