A groundbreaking study conducted by DeSales Media, in partnership with Vinea Research, was recently conducted on Catholic intentional disciples in the United States with the purpose of discovering unmet needs of Catholics serious about following Jesus Christ. A key finding of the study was that one in five respondents are uncomfortable publicly talking about their faith. The study examined over 3,200 people who declared their faith “central to their lives” but still overwhelmingly expressed a desire for more formation particularly in the area of evangelization.

Meet the Spokesperson

Dave Plisky

Dave Plisky is the Director of Product & Innovation and head of DeSales Tech, where he leads a Software & Services team focused on modernizing the Church through products and services that together create a communications hub for dioceses, parishes, schools, and ministries. Through special projects like the study on intentional disciples, Dave helps DeSales use the contemporary gifts the Holy Spirit has given us to drive Catholics to put their faith into action. Dave and his wife reside in Weston, CT.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • DeSales Media conducted a study with Vinea Research that surveyed Catholics who consider themselves to be “intentional disciples.” Can you offer an overview of what the study measured?
  • As a provider of Catholic news, events, and content, why did DeSales Media feel compelled to launch a research study on this particular topic?
  • What do you consider some of the most interesting conclusions?
  • Why are the results of this study particularly important given the current post-pandemic decline in Mass attendance?
  • Where can people go to access the full report?

About DeSales Media

DeSales Media is a non-profit Catholic technology and communications ministry working in the Diocese of Brooklyn, NY. Named for the patron saint of writers and journalists, DeSales works to pioneer new and creative ways to articulate the faith in an ever-changing culture.

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