You welcome your parishioners at church through your front door. How do you welcome your parishioners online?

Your digital front door


Our photo- and video-centric design makes your website as beautiful and welcoming as your church.


Our ParishCentral sites are optimized for search engines to help you get discovered online.


Our sites provide a consistent user experience across every device—mobile, tablet and desktop.


ParishCentral sites work seamlessly with Stripe and have built-in integrations for social media, third-party Catholic content, school, and diocesan websites.

Easy to Update

With an easy-to-use interface and extensive documentation and video tutorials, updating our sites is a snap, and our customer service staff is just an email or phone call away.


Our state-of-the-art code makes for lightning-fast sites.


Our information security protocols are rock solid and always up to date.


Our sites enjoy 99.99% uptime. Bottom line: They don't go down.

We would love to bring ParishCentral to your (Arch) Diocese!

Please let us know a few details and we will be in touch!

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