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Monsignor’s Message – 5th Sunday of Lent

Posted on Apr 4, 2017 in Monsignor's Message

This is a message from Msgr. Kieran Harrington, Vicar for Communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn that appears in The Tablet:

As we continue to move through this season of repentance, we celebrate the fifth Sunday of Lent. in the past, this week was known as Passion Sunday, and the Church entered into the Passion Tide. Traditionally, this time was marked by the veiling or covering all of the statues and religious images in the church. This practice is associated with Saint John’s Gospel when Jesus said, “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I Am.” This revelation stirred up the anger of the people and they attempted to stone Him but He hid Himself in the temple. On this “Passion” Sunday, we remember that Jesus raised Lazarus, his friend, from the dead. He will do the same for you and me. He will set us free from sin and the wages of sin-death! Like Lazarus, we may encounter suffering and even death. Yet we are unafraid to share in the passion of Christ. We are confident that He will call to us. How we long to hear the words of our Lord who will say to us “Untie him and set him free!”

May God bless you,
Monsignor Kieran Harrington, V.E.