The Brooklyn Cyclones

The Brooklyn Cyclones wanted to reach the elementary schools, seeking to increase class trips to the ballpark, ultimately getting more families to think of spending their free time going to see a minor league baseball game. DeSales Media partnered with the Cyclones and the Diocese of Brooklyn, and created Catholic School Night to do just that. A special discounted ticket price was given to the Catholic schools who participated. DeSales honored all valedictorians and salutatorians from the 80 Catholic schools in the diocese in a pre-game medal ceremony. To further increase interest, priests and principals of the diocese squared off in a “Collars vs Scholars” pre-game exhibition game, which increased attendance as well as social media engagement pre-, during, and post-game.

DeSales created the lock-up treatments, ran social media coverage, put the sponsorship packages together, and produced the entire event experience. We at DeSales work with secular and religious groups to do promotions, advertising, websites and videos–all from scratch, to meet the needs of our partners.

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