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St. Joseph Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York, is the major seminary located in the Archdiocese of New York. They came to us at DeSales Media, hoping to promote all that the seminary’s network of campuses has to offer.

After our visit to the beautiful campus in Yonkers, we worked with them to create specific objectives with measurable goals. In this way, we could be sure to reach all of the target audience segments, and measure when we accomplished this and to what degree it worked.

The main creative execution was this explainer/welcome video for the seminary to use in all of their promotions:

By creating and distributing such high quailty materials, we were able to communicate to other Bishops that there is, in fact, a world-class Catholic education happening for adults in the greatest city in the world.

And we were able to communicate to prospective Master’s degree candidates that they’re able to receive an accredited Masters in Theology from an actual seminary — at four convenient locations in and around NYC.

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