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In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey laid waste to Houston and many other towns along the Gulf Coast.

The tropical cyclone inflicted $125 billion in damage. Our hearts went out to the survivors of such a catastrophe. We remembered what is was like back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy wrecked much of the coast of Brooklyn and Queens here in our own diocese. Inspired to help, we organized a trip to send 18 volunteers to go and help Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston in their mission to give relief to hurricane victims in Houston.

Volunteers from DeSales Media and around the Diocese of Brooklyn did thankless manual labor for a week. Working with Team Rubicon, we met to muck and gut damaged homes, took out flooring, and gathered garbage.

Read the full story on The Tablet here, or watch the 1 hour special we produced:

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