‘The Tablet’ and ‘Nuestra Voz’ Bring Home Awards From Catholic Press Association

The Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada honored writers and editors from The Tablet and Nuestra Voz at its annual media conference in Charlotte, NC, on Friday.

The awards of excellence are presented annually by the Catholic Press Association, which represents more than 600 church-related media organizations in the US and Canada.

The awards for The Tablet were:

  • Columnist Father Jean-Pierre Ruiz, priest of the Diocese and professor of Theology at St. John’s University, obtained second place in the Best Regular Column category for his “Sunday’s Scriptures.”
  • Carrie White, longtime classified advertising manager, took second place for Individual Excellence in advertising and marketing.
  • Antonina Zielinska received an Honorable Mention for the 50th Anniversary of March on Washington Best Coverage, for her report “Sarah Keys Evans: Civil Rights Era Soldier Fought for Her Rights.”

The awards for Nuestra Voz were:

  • The paper’s website, nuestra-voz.org, won second place for Best Newspaper Website.
  • Nuestra Voz took second and third place for Best Editorial, for columns written by contributor Mario J. Paredes and editor Daniel Alvarez.
  • Nuestra Voz also received two Honorable Mentions, in the General Excellence category for Nuestra Voz and in the Individual Excellence category for columnist and writer Cruz-Teresa Rosero.

More information is available in this press release.

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