Joumana Kidd hosts new Catholic TV show ‘WOW’

Joumana Kidd is hosting a new talk show on NET celebrating the joys and triumphs of women in the 21st century. With expert interviews and how-to segments, WOW’s theme for women is living joyful lives of purpose.

Wow studio

NET is part of DeSales Media Group, the communications arm of the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, and WOW’s 2014 season premieres Thursday, January 16 at 9 PM ET.

Executive Producer Craig Tubiolo says, “It’s no accident that WOW upside down spells MOM. After all, mothers and fathers are the foundation of society and host Joumana Kidd offers a refreshing perspective on family life.”

With in-depth interviews, Joumana thrives on helping women to organize happy homes and spiritual discipline. Her guests discuss dating, matrimony, parenting, homemaking, family life and work from the Catholic perspective. Joumana also features how-to segments on cooking, decorating, holidays, and entertaining family and friends.

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