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Statement From Invest In Ed Coalition Spokesman Bob Bellafiore

Posted on Jun 15, 2015 in DeSales Blog, External Relations

“Assembly Member Nolan’s last-second proposal is a phony-baloney ruse that’s as misleading as it is useless to families in need. She continues to oppose real school choice for middle class and lower-income families.

“While rich people have choice in education, Assembly Member Nolan is only willing to toss crumbs to the middle class and the poor, who need real help if they’re going to close the income and educational gaps for their children. This bill proves that if it were up to her, only the wealthy would be able to afford real school choice.

FACTS about Assembly Member Nolan’s last-second proposal:

Since New York State’s top tax rate is 6.85 percent for middle-class taxpayers, this tax deduction would have a maximum value of $205. A family with two kids would receive $410.

This is of lesser value than the $500 tax credit previously offered by the Assembly Majority under a bill sponsored by former Speaker Silver.

The Education Tax Credit is better for families than either the Nolan or Silver bills. Under the ETC, families could receive scholarships of several thousand dollars. The Education Tax Credit also would reimburse teachers for out-of -pocket expenses for classroom supplies and encourage donations for music, art, after-school, and tutoring programs in public schools.

The Education Tax Credit is supported by more than 140 groups of all stripes, including educators, non-profits, civil rights and immigration advocates, inner-city pastors, more than 30 labor unions and more. A full list is available at