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Monsignor’s Message – The Month of Mary

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Monsignor's Message

This is a message from Msgr. Kieran Harrington, Vicar for Communications for the Diocese of Brooklyn that appears in The Tablet:

All humanity traces its origin to Eve. Saint John speaks of Mary as the new Eve. It was through Eve that we have life but through Mary’s offspring that we have life eternal. It is appropriate that this month of May be dedicated to Mary Mother of God. Mary is the moon who reflects the light of Christ, her sun. There would be no life without the Son and no Son without the mother. In the incarnation, the Almighty chose humility and became a creature. God becomes vulnerable to His creation and this reaches its climax when we chose to reject God’s Son by sinning and crucify Him. Yet the Lord is never undone in mercy, for even as He hung upon the cross, Christ bequeathed to you and me His most intimate relationships. We will share in His life. Mary becomes our Mother and we are called to honor her. For by His Cross and Resurrection He has redeemed His creation, and she who never betrayed her Creator reigns with Him in heaven as our Queen. May God bless you.

May God bless you,
Monsignor Kieran Harrington, V.E.