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A qualified candidate for the position of writer/producer will be a journalist with professional skills and experience in contributing to the creation of a daily television news program.

The individual will be able to survey each day’s news budget and identify stories that are suitable to the broadcast mission of Currents.

The person must have the aptitude to assemble and meld the multiple elements necessary for a cohesive and compelling newscast.

Prime talents required for the position include strong writing in a style suitable for television; acquiring and editing video materials; and, developing graphics in support of the program.

The compulsory attributes of accuracy and fairness are essential to every aspect of the writer/producer’s work.

Command of media law and general production techniques are also critical.

The successful applicant will possess excellent communication abilities, strong attention to detail and leadership qualities.

The writer/producer will thrive and function creatively under the deadline requirements and the fixed time constraints of the daily news program.

The individual will interface with the appropriate DeSales Media websites and facilitate online viewing of Currents content.

The candidate will be well-attuned to news stories and activities that are important to the audience in the Diocese of Brooklyn and propose ideas to meet those interests.