The project coordinator will be responsible for building, maintaining and supporting the Parish Network and the Academy Network (200+ websites) for the Diocese of Brooklyn.


  • Work with Director, Product Manager and web developers to launch and grow the Parish and Academy Networks.
  • Schedule site reviews and conduct regular maintenance of sites.
  • Monitor usage across websites and provide monthly traffic reports to DeSales team, parishes and academies.
  • Able to assist clients with setup and monitoring of parish and academy social media accounts.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with 2-3 years experience in website management and online content.
  • Strong computer skills including MS Word and Excel. Strong writing skills.
  • Experience with content publishing software required; experience with WordPress is a strong plus. Knowledge of Google Analytics is a plus.
  • Stellar customer service skills. Able to build strong relationships with parish and academy contacts who have varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Hands-on approach to tasks. Strong attention to deadlines and project completion.

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