Please check Dionet for the latest updates from the Office of the Superintendent, who also sent you an email containing many attachments, including:

  • a letter from the Schools Office with instructions,
  • a letter from DeSales Media Group with instructions (Attachment A),
  • the new standard operating procedure (Attachment B),
  • a guide for principals (Attachment C),
  • a guide for faculty (Attachment D), and
  • a copy of a flyer you should send home with your students (Attachment E).

Some of you attended additional training sessions in early October where you were placed into your school’s groups and the new DOB Principals group. Attendees also sent their first test alert messages and explored the new online help resources. Thank you for coming.

If you have not already, please:

  • join these groups by following the instructions in Attachment C,
  • distribute Attachment D to your faculty and staff,
  • send home flyers promoting the DeSales Emergency Alert System.

If you require additional training, please make a request via the Office of the Superintendent.

You can view several tutorial videos below:

How to Register

How to Send an Alert

How to Join a Public Group

How to Accept an Invitation to a Group

How to Invite Others to a Group

How to Update Alert Settings

What to do When You Forget Your Password