Parents and Families

Create your account by registering at, then download the DeSales Emergency Alert System app to your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected by signing in. You may receive alerts on as many devices as you have.

If you don’t have any smart devices, you can still be a member. How? You will also receive alerts via email. So all you really need is an email address.

Registering via the link above will automatically join you to the DEAS Schools group. From there, you’ll receive diocese-wide alerts from the Office of the Superintendent of Schools in the event of an emergency.

Wait! You’re not done. Every school has a group for people like you: the parents and families of students. In the event of an emergency, you’ll receive a message from your child’s principal informing you of the situation and giving you instructions on how to keep yourself and your children safe.

Need help? Download our Guide for Parents and Families.

You can also watch our instructional videos below:

How to Register

How to Join a Public Group

How to Accept an Invitation to a Group

How to Update Alert Settings

What to do When You Forget Your Password